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[Nov. 29th, 2008|09:38 am]
Thursday was my birthday, and it was pretty epic, so I thought I'd share!

So, I had SO much to do at work that day. I had NINE essays to mark, a whole bunch of random admin stuff to do, AND I was going to finish my JET application in the morning so I could post it at lunch. I knew it was going to be a really busy day.

I get to work, and they're all like, hey Joyce called in sick can you take ALL HER CLASSES? Heh. Of course I can. I am super. Thank god for TESOL students, though a couple of them were kind of useless. A lot of the classes went like this:

Me: So, Joyce gave you a worksheet booklet yesterday, right?

Class: Yes, teacher.

Me: Um.... work on that for a while. I have PMM essays to mark.

Class: Yes, teacher.

So the ESL classes were fine. I got a few essays done. And I got a nice birthday card from the staff! And I got a really sweet card from one of my students, Daisy. But, no time to finish the JET package.

When the ESL classes finish for the day there's still a half hour of PMM left so I go downstairs to check in and hand back essays and stuff. I get down there, the lights are off, they're waiting in the dark with TWO cakes! They all yell surprise and sing and I turn red. One cake was a white chocolate cranberry cheesecake and the other was this huge layered chocolate mousse cake thing! Wow! Then Julie, who used to be in PMM and doesn't even go to KGIC anymore comes and gives me a present! I got a box of Purdy's peanut butter daisies. Yum. And Kate, who is also a former PMM student bought me this beautiful mug with reindeer on it. I want to bring it home to show off to people, but I'm going to keep it at work for now so I can show off when I drink my tea at school.

AND I did stay late to finish my JET package, and got it in the post, just in time for the deadline!!

[User Picture]From: frisbeeseppuku
2008-11-30 08:58 am (UTC)
Happy birthday!!!!! Are you loving ESL-teaching still? What's PMM?
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